Banter Belter Of The Week – Mila Kaladjurdjevic

Take a bow Edward Scissorhands! aka Adam Saaks.

What you have done here is a gift to LADkind.

Introducing Mila Kaladjurdjevic. Or simply, Mila Yes-please.

+500 boytjie points to Adam Saaks. A man using his skill for the good of LADS everywhere.

– The Banter Boys 


Banter Belter Of The Week – Snezhana Royce

Did the Banter Boys grow up wanting to be photographers? Um…..#ThanksNoThanks

Did we just discover David Bellemere and realise that we’re in the wrong profession? Um….Yes.

His instagram account for context. Indulge us for a moment…



We’re not here to talk about photographers. We’re here to talk about their subjects. And in particular, this beaut – introducing Snezhana Royce.

"Put some clothes on, it's freezing" - said no LAD, ever.

“Put some clothes on, it’s freezing” – said no LAD, ever.

And if you’re in the mood and not in the office, here she is with her kit off. Tastefully done, of course.

+200 boytjie points to David Bellemere for shooting such a wonderful…um…personality.

+50 boytjie points to our anonymous mate for alerting us to this serious BELTER.

– The Banter Boys

Getting Hitched. For the LADS!

Credit where credit is due. This lad has bagged a seriously impressive betty.

Being a Banter Boy founding member clearly swung the vote.


The boytjie with his betty

The boytjie with his betty editor (stef kondylis) jimmy'ing it out in his yellow tour de france tie editor (Stef Kondylis, centre) jimmy’ing it out in his yellow Tour De France tie

+1500 boytjie points to Jamie Curtis for giving up his desk at work all those years ago – cue the binty sitting next to her future husband.

+80 boytjie points to Andrew Stone. We don’t know you but clearly you know how to take a photograph!

-200 boytjie points to Stef Kondylis for focusing more on Chrissy James‘s package than on his own blog (

– The Banter Boys

Banter Boys. Back in the game #OkesMustKnow

5 September 2013.

A day that will live in infamy.

A day in which hundreds, nay thousands woke up to no Banter Boys post.

A day which sadly, extended for 17 months.

Vladimir after waking up to no Banter Boys...

Vladimir getting super emotional after waking up to no Banter Boys for over a month

Well BHORSHAYS AND BINTS, ugly cry no more – we’re back and things are going to get festive around here once again!

+0 boytjie points to us. Why give ourselves boytjie points when we have inifinity?

-1000 boytjie points if you’re questioning the above

– The Banter Boys

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Senator John McCain Plays Poker While Colleagues Discuss Bombing Syria

Apparently deciding on going to war was not entertaining enough for John McCain today.

Yep. Senator Jimmy McClayFace, during the hearing on one of the biggest questions Congress has faced in recent memory, was caught playing poker.

Hi-5 to you John… Oh wait, that’s impossible as you can’t lift your arms all the way above your head because of a previous war injury – woops, our bad!


No need to show us your cards Jaaaaan – we already know you’re a first class loser.

+650 boytjie points to photographer Melina Mara for capturing this royal flush of a clown.

-1000 boytjie points to McCain for not letting the circus know he was working at the Senate hearing today.

Hi-5 John. Hi-5.

The Banter Boys

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The Croatian Hugh Bladen. Unbelievable!

Hugh Bladen is a South African institution. Remind yourself by watching this, this and this.

And it goes without saying that his passion for the game and his UNBELIEVABLE commentary style is just so damn legendary that commentators from around the world will attempt to copy Blades as they try give their careers a boost. Seems like the Croatians have now decided to give it a go…

It’s no Blades but it’s kak funny…

+1000 boytjie points to Blades for setting an unbeatable example

+500 boytjie points to the Croatian commentators for being passionate about Sport.

– 490 boytjie points to the Croatian commentators for being this passionate about Soccer.

– The Banter Boys

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Touch down – De’Anthony ‘The Black Mamba’ Thomas

Now, we’ve never been a huge fan of girl’s rugby (American Football), but you have to admit this okes got a step and can run.

Our money says the cheerleaders gave him the nickname. Oh yeah.

+100 Boytjie points for being able to move that quick in lycra with a steel pot on your head.

– The Banter Boys 

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or spend your weekends playing scrabble and shaving your legs, here are a few names you may recognise: Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Kelly Hall, Sophie Howard and Danni Wells.


Now ask yourself, what’s better than all these absolute BELTERS jumping around in bikini’s?


Bang. Bang. BANG! If that doesn’t get your Glock firing, you might want to sit your parents down and share the news.

Reminds me of the 2012 Banter Boys Christmas Party!

The “Suns out. Guns out” phrase has NEVER been more applicable.

+1500 Boytjie points for the “lubrication by Shell” signage @ 2:11

– The Banter Boys 

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Gal Gadot. Banter Belter of the Week

Introducing Israeli belter, Gal Gadot. It’s a pleasure lads.

And if this video of her messing around in her underwear doesn’t make you appreciate what we’ve just introduced to you, then JOG ON. Seriously.

+150 boytjie points to Gal. And thank you.

– The Banter Boys

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Ajax fans know how to jol.

Amsterdam. Enough said.

We cannot confirm or deny whether these Ajax fans are celebrating our blog return last week or an Ajax victory. Both are very plausible.

Semantics aside, these okes know how to jol. And jol hard. Just image what happens when they move on to the next drinking hole.

+50 boytjie points to whoever was in the crowd of this jol.

– The Banter Boys


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