Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Boytjie

Here’s an oke who if you’re on the interweb, you know how he rolls!

(-100 Boytjie points if you dont know who Dave Duarte is. Then look in the mirror and slap yourself.)

Dave’s Bio:

– Know’s lank about the interwebs

– Helps others to know lank stuff about the interwebs

– Turned down a date Kim Kardashian. True Story

– Lectures MBA students

– Absolute Boytjie *

All you need to know, is that only an oke who rolls like this is worthy to be the Banter Boys God Father.

Dave has fans of all agesDigs trampolines. Hells yeah!

At the re-naming of the Eiffel Tower (previously, the Duarte Tower) + 25 boytjie Points

Dave at the re-naming of the Eiffel Tower (previously, the "Duarte Tower")

Yellow Sunglasses. +50 Boytjie Points.

Receiving his “Boytjie of the Year 2011 Award” from a little belter. +100 Boytjie Points

Laughing with yet ANOTHER "Dave Duarte admirer". Letting them take a picture +25 Boytjie points

Dave knocking back another complimentary bottle of the good stuff

Moderately sipping on the good stuff. +25 Boytjie points

– The Banter Boys

*Absolute Boytjie Status Verified – 2011

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Boytjie

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