Boytjie on a Bike – Sik’as

Let’s start by giving +100 boytjie points to a mate of the Banter Boys  (The Spoked Out blogger) for this contribution. Excellent work, boytjie.

Now, from the country that brought you the “Freeing of the Miners” comes a clip which will make you question your manhood (and if you’re a bird, the boytjie’ness of your man) – a first person view of a downhill bike race through a Chilean town.

+50 boytjie points to you for watching this and feeling like you’re actually the one doing the riding

(-50 boytjie points to you once you realize that you aren’t the boytjie on the bike)

+150 boytjie points to the guy with the steel balls who’s strapped a camera to his head for this insane ride

The Banter Boys


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