Surfing monster waves, in the middle of the ocean…

Mark Visser, whose previous boytjie’ness – riding 40 foot monster waves in the dead of night at Maui’s notorious Jaws break – earned him international renown and the nickname ‘Night Rider’, has this time pulled off an act so boytjie it has earned him 150 boytjie points…!

This guy doesn’t f**k around! Mark, with the help of some rad scientists, set out to ride waves forming thousands of kilometres out in the ocean – how does he get there…?

As part of the mind-blowing mission, scientists using satellite technology helped find several open-ocean hotspots, and then air-dropped Mark at these hotspots, thousands of kilometres from land – why…?

Mark says “these waves break in the middle of oceans, out of fuel range of helicopters and too far for surfers to access quickly enough by boat…”

Mark gets an extra 50 boytjie points for surfing what has never been accomplished – making the impossible, possible.

The Banter Boys

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One thought on “Surfing monster waves, in the middle of the ocean…

  1. GJonesy85 says:

    Yitti, that is epic. That boytjie has proper big nuts.

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