Want to see Coldplay live?

If the awarding of boytjie points had to be accompanied by sound, it would no doubt be a Coldplay tune. Just imagine that…getting told that you have been awarded boytjie points and having Viva la Vida playing in the background. Orgasmic, quite possibly.

If you don’t agree that Coldplay are serious BHORSHAYS and deserving of +100 boytjie points on  reputation alone, then please don’t visit Banter Boys again. You are not wanted here. Oh..and -500 boytjie points for you (very difficult to come back from that set back)

If you dig these boytjies as much as we do, you’ll know that today is a culmination of a lot of waiting….tonight Coldplay rocks Cape Town (JHB in a couple days, don’t panic boytjies up north) and the Banter Boys are in a festive mood!

If you work at a company that doesn’t mind you downloading a 1h25min clip or you’re at home with a super slick ADSL connection then watch this as preparation for tonight’s concert…Coldplay gig at Rock in Rio at the beginning of this month. +150 boytjie points to the Coldplay BHORSHAYS for this mental performance

If you aren’t watching Coldplay live, -50 boytjie points

If you are, no boytjie points awarded….we aren’t rewarding you for doing the obvious!


The Banter Boys

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