Boytjie Points Uncovered.

Given the universal and ever-growing popularity of the Banter Boys, emails have been flooding in from around the world asking for us to explain exactly what “boytjie points” are (Note: Same in every language – boytjie points, BHORSHAY!!)

Before the internet was invented, kids would learn new words using something like this. In more boytjie, modern times, the only way to learn or look up new words is to visit

So stop mailing, visit Urban Dictionary and type in “Boytjie Points” to educate yourself. Or look below!

+100 boytjie points to you if you click here and buy a Boytjie Points branded mug!

Boytjie Points

Urban Dictionary has boytjie status. Confirmed

+50 boytjie points to the legends at Urban Dictionary for including this valuable information in their site of words

+10 boytjie points if you click “thumbs up” on the top right of this page

The Banter Boys

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