The Boxing Clown

Thanks to serious boytjie Dyl for notifying us of this clown. + 50 boytjie points to you, legend!

Now boytjies know that they’re boytjies so they don’t have to prove anything….to anyone. Take Butch James as an example.

This clown on the other hand…is exactly that…a CLOWN. Walks into the ring like he’s Mohamed Ali when in fact he’s a little boy from Derby, England who needs to stop practicing his dance moves and start learning how to box. Or defend a punch at least!

Luckily for us, Uzzy’s boxing is as weak as his dancing. The evidence comes with just over a minute to go in the FIRST ROUND!

How do you know when you’re at risk of losing boytjie points? When you start acting like Usman Ahmed, thats when!

-500 boytjie points to Usman “Uzzy” Ahmed for his entire performance in this clip

The Banter Boys

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