Georgia Salpa – Banter Belter of the Week

Republic of Telly is our new favourite programme. New Series apparently started yesterday in Ireland. To be honest, we don’t really care.

What we do care about though is the SERIOUS BELTER they’ve used to make us want to watch the show – the gorgeous Georgia Salpa.

+50 boytjie points to whoever created this masterpiece (well….the first 10 seconds at least)

+25 boytjie points to Georgia Salpa for her big…um……personality

Thanks to all you boytjies for sending in nominations for this weeks Banter Belter of the Week. Keep sending those in and we may throw some boytjie points your way for the effort.

The Banter Boys

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3 thoughts on “Georgia Salpa – Banter Belter of the Week

  1. Richard says:

    Her boobs & lips are fake sorry to disappoint she lies lies lies

  2. James says:

    Has nobody else noticed that this girl is actually retarded?

  3. James says:

    Is Georgia Salpa retarded?

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