Shooting Coldplay in SA. Oh yes!

Don’t ever accuse the Banter Boys of not bringing you the freshest content. Look out for this on 2oceansvibe in 2 days time!

The brand new Coldplay music video for Paradise…ABSOLUTELY EPIC in itself…but made that much more BHORSHAY by the fact that they shot the majority of it in South Africa. Yes please!

+200 boytjie points to Coldplay for this Sik’as video

+100 boytjie points to whoever decided that this video needed the beauty of South Africa to add some boytjie’ness to it.

The Banter Boys

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One thought on “Shooting Coldplay in SA. Oh yes!

  1. […] only does arguably the greatest band in the world choose Cape Town to shoot footage in, but now Denzel Washington himself has made his mark. And we […]

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