What happened to you!!? More Importantly, How Many Boytjie Points you get for that!?

If you injure youself by your own stupidity, you’ve earned the right to rock a bright pink my little pony plaster – So that other people can see you’re a liability from 100m away.

However, when you obtain a casualty in the pursuit of greatness, you deserve the recognition for your efforts – the accompanying fame, the endless supply of Belters, instant wealth and most importantly, a handfull of Boytjie Points.

Hells. Yeah!

And now, some Boitch has gone and made plasters to associate said fame with your respective casualty.

Here’s the break down:

  • Fight with a Ninja +10 Boyjie Points
  • Tripped and fell, whilst catching a glimpse of Banter Belter of the week +50 Boytjie Points.
  • Shark Bite +25 Boytjie Points (Dont Sharks just piss you off)

You should see what that F*cking Shark looks like now.

Like? You can buy them here

– The Banter Boys

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