Balotelli the Clown. Confirmed

Mario Balotelli. Part-time Manchester City football player and FULL TIME CLOWN!

Want to hire a funny man for your kids next birthday party? Why bother? Just sit the youngsters infront of YouTube for hours of entertainment from this ultimate Toss-bag. To start you off…

  • Mario decides he needs to be substituted in a game because he’s allergic to the grass, ok then….
  • The deranged Italian decides to multitask…play soccer and show off his karate kick, fine….
  • Balotelli comes up with a way to make his manager and club fans hate him by making himself look completely useless, case closed?
No no…it gets even better. if you thought that last weeks post on the bhorhsay solving/juggling rubik’s cubes was a challenge, then watch as Mario attempts the toughest challenge of them all…sticking on a training bib.Wow. This is priceless.
+100 boytjie points to Super Mario for having mad skill and occasionally showing it on the field.
-500 boytjie points to Bad Ass Balotelli for generally being a Tosser and proving that Footballers aren’t always great role models.
The Banter Boys
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2 thoughts on “Balotelli the Clown. Confirmed

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