F-15 Fly-bys – Eargasm!

What is an ‘eargasm’…? Watch this and you’ll find out…

Personification of boitchy’ness…? Yeah it is…! Undisputed. Undeniable. Fact. We’ve seen glamour vids of some sic planes, but nothing beats the raw sound of the most successful modern fighter of our time.

These planes, and their pilots, are the BIZNESS – they have ZERO losses in dogfights!

Its primary mission is maintaining air superiority. Um, we mean its ultimate purpose is to own the sky and mow down any other jimmy planes in aerial combat.

+150 boytjie points for these mad’skilled pilots treating the crowd to some awesome’ness, and +10 boytjie points for making aviators cool!

Possible rival to the F-15 boichy’ness – maybe this bad’ass.

The Banter Boys

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