Banter Belter – Yolandi Malherbe

Say HELLO to our latest Banter Belter, Yolandi Malherbe!

Before your brain switches off on sight of this BELTER in the pics below, here’s the summary:

(Not to worry ladies, we’ve had an outside fashion correspondant do the captions.)

– She’s Miss July for Playboy Magazine +100 Boytjie points

– A regular on the Good Hope FM Breakfast Show +25 Boytjie Points

– Has an amazing personality. Both of them +25 Boytjie Points

– An ass that could crack nuts +25 Boytjie Points

– Turned down Akon when he and David Guetta tried to spice her last month

– AND she posts some STEEEEEAMY pics on #FriskyFridays!

Find her on Twitter: @JuicyJemma

Stylish bangle and matching necklace.

Great casual use of the simple white vest. Just FAB.

Love the detailed accessories. Not to mention the ocean view.

– The Banter Boys

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2 thoughts on “Banter Belter – Yolandi Malherbe

  1. Elario Muller says:

    spanky spanky

  2. […] Some of our previous Banter Belters have included; Miss America, a Spanish Halloween gift, and some local mooi’nes. […]

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