World No.1 Karate Champ – “I’ll Show you tough”

Ok. We lied.

The No.1 Karate Champ is probably gonna hunt us down and demand some Boytjie Points now.

So here’s +100 for him so long.

The oke’s in the below clip are the exact opposite. These ABSOLUTE JIMMY’S bring new meaning to the word “special”. Nonetheless, they’re a proper laugh!

Highlights from the various Jimmy’s and our responses:

  • “I never lose” – Uhh, ok.
  • “I hope you like pain” – No no, I hope YOU like pain!
  •  “You guys are gonna like this one” – Oh, we did. A lot.
  • “What kinda wood is this?” – Bhahaha!

Extra cred goes to the Jimmy with the afro at 50 secs. +100 Boytjie Points.

+125 Boytjie Points for the lag.

– 126 Boytjie Points for being absolute Jimmy’s.

– The Banter Boys

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