Safe House (in Cape Town Bhorshay!)

If there was ever any doubt that Cape Town was the greatest city in the world, here’s some more proof to make you BELIEVE.

Not only does arguably the greatest band in the world choose Cape Town to shoot footage in, but now Denzel Washington himself has made his mark. And we all know what a serious BHORSHAY he is…Argue with that and lose -500 boytjie points immedietly.

We’ve had a look at the trailer for Washington’s new film, The Safe House and …..we like. Enough to give whoever was responsible for that movie +200 boytjie points. Yes, you too sound boom man.

Even if this movie wasn’t shot in Cape Town, it would be a ripper! Add Cape Town to the mix and we’ve got a serious WINNER.

Oh, and there’s something for the chicks to look at too. Apparently this guy drives the chicks wild. He’s in the flick. Whatever.

The Banter Boys

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