The Tug Toner. For Serious Jimmys

WARNING: Read this post if you want to get seriously ripped. And look like an absolute JIMMY in the process!

Generally, bhorshays go to gym for two reasons:

  1. Check out the belters, fine tuning their hotness
  2. Stay healthy/keep in shape/look good and pretend to exercise (while checking out belters)

With this new product on the market, you are sure to achieve all of the above. Problem is, you’re gonna look like an absolute JIMMY!

After spending about 2 days laughing at this next product, we thought we’d pass it on to you guys – The Tug Toner. Working out and looking like an absolute clown is guaranteed with this beaut.

+100 boytjie points if you have the balls to try this out in front of the belters at gym.

500 boytjie points if you ever get desperate enough to try it…

The Banter Boys

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