Jimmy of the Week – Lawn Mower Jump

Wahahahaah!! What is this oke doing…!?

You get Jimmy’s, and then you get JIMMY’s…!!

This first class Jimmy, Steve French, straps into a make-shift go-cart lawn mower, and tries to jump over two cars… I mean – a lawn mower… Clever OK!

We’ll give Steve’ooo +5 boytjie points for effort – he nearly cleared the cars, but just clipped the roof and.. game over bhorshaay!! Now he’s eating grass for the rest of his life… Too bad buddaaaay!

And what’s with the ice-hockey gear – loser…!

An immediate -200 boytjie points for being Jimmy of the Week – go work in the circus, bhortch!

 – The Banter Boys

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2 thoughts on “Jimmy of the Week – Lawn Mower Jump

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  2. […] -200 boytjie points to the Ajax fan who decided to try and be clever but ending up looking like a complete Jimmy! […]

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