‘Carl Vinson’ – Bhortchay Aircraft Carrier

The USS Carl Vinson is the third United States Navy Nimitz class supercarrier, named after this oke – Carl Vinson.

‘Supercarrier’ – we love this bhorshaay word.

There are only 10 of these boitjie’s around, cost $4.5 billion, house just under 5000 people, and are the largest warships on.the.planet..!

Have a look at this sic footage shot of my boi Carl – tells a great story:

On 11-11-11, Veteran’s Day, the USS Carl Vinson hosted the Carrier Classic basketball game between University of North Carolina and Michigan State University – the first of its kind. That’s +50 boytjie points.

The USS Carl Vinson was also the last place Osama Bin Laden’s body was before he was chcuked into the deep blue sea – another +50 boytjie points.

It deserve’s another +5 boytjie points for it’s captain’s name being, wait for it – ‘Bruce’…

The Banter Boys

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