Something for the ladies

After numerous requests (10, 322 to be exact) and contrary to our names positioning as good old banter for booorschays, we’ve decided to post something for the ladies.

So, here goes:

Samsung don’t only make kiff 52″ TV’s (+100 Boytjie P0ints) and proper surround sound units.

Noooooo. They also make such things called “Home appliances”.

Ladies,  I hope you’re sitting down while you check. These. Out.

2000watts!!!! +25 Boytjie Points

French doors.. wait for it...

ooh, Naughty!

Front loader +25 Boytjie Points

And lastly…


One thing that doesn’t come with any of the above, is an internet connection – Which does pose an important question as to how your viewing this from the kitchen…

– The Banter Boys

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One thought on “Something for the ladies

  1. hannah says:

    JAYSUS! you guys sure do know how to please a lady. I love the look of that iron.

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