Eboue the Ballerina and part-time soccer player

You’ve obviously read enough Banter Boys to realize that we’re big into our rugby – a real bhorshay sport. Unlike American Football aka Womans Rugby. The same can be said about soccer/football/bread-ball. Okes go down quicker than your average prozzie. One tackle in a rugby match and they’d be out for years, never mind a couple weeks or months.

Try Emmanuel Eboue, former Ass-enal player and now plying his trade in Turkey…Oke gets hit by a couple objects from the crowd and he’s suddenly a Swan Lake ballerina prancing all over the place.

Whoever throws objects at sportsmen loses -500 boytjie points cause that’s just stooopid. But this video has given us a good laugh nonetheless. Well out Emmanuel. +50 boytjie points to you for looking like a clown and making us crack up.

The Banter Boys

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One thought on “Eboue the Ballerina and part-time soccer player

  1. […] Boys will take watching a rugby match over soccer any day of the week. We’ve mentioned it time and time again – soccer is becoming more of a joke by the […]

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