Don’t Cheat on a Tattoo Artist!

Credit where its due: +50 boytjie points to our mate Dyl for alerting us to yet more evidence of Americans taking it a step too far.

The set up to this pic is pretty simple – girl cheats on her boyfriend with his best mate. Boyfriend then gets his revenge by tattooing a pile of shit (literally – flies and all) on her back, telling her its a scene from Narnia. More like a toilet in Narnia, maybe!!!!!!

Shit design: -100 boytjie points

The boyfriend, obviously knowing that his bird would want to sue the shit out of him, gets his chick hammered on tequila and vino and then gets her to sign a consent form which states that the design was “at the artist’s discretion.” – smart bhorshay!

Guess the tattoo design is realistic so +100 boytjie points for artistic talent. But -150 boytjie points for taking the revenge a bit far. What you guys reckon?

The Banter Boys

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