Runaway Golf Cart Mows Down People At NFL Game

Check this runaway golf cart that mows down everyone in sight after a high school football game in Cowboys Stadium on Saturday.

As Spring Dekaney head coach Willie Amendola stood at midfield giving the traditional victor’s post-game interview, an unmanned electric runaway golf cart came speeding outta nowhere, literally bowling over the coach and several bystanders.

Who’s the clown who landed in the passenger seat…? That would be Coach Amendola.

An instant -600 boytjie points for:

1. Bailing out with a pathietic tuck-and-roll – he could of jumped out the cart and landed on his feet, like a boytjie.

2. Complete lack of composure and having no balls. I mean, there was even a chick running after the golf cart.

3. Most importantly – ignoring the chance to gain stax of boytjie points.

These boytjie points now go to the pursuing field worker who hopped aboard and stopped the cart immediately – +100 boytjie points for doing what boytjies do – BOSS the moment!

Wait, there’s more: -50 boytjie points to the Jimmy who slips like a fag and falls over while chasing the cart – Haha, loser! See 23 seconds.

The Banter Boys

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