Shane Warne ‘Slides One In’, Again

Shane Warne, a main oke, and a seriaaas boi, has collected stax of boytjie points over the years, whether it being:

1. One of the Wisden Cricketers of the Century

2. Bowling the ball of the century

3. Taking the second most test wickets in cricket history

4. Choon’ing Sri Lankan captain Arjuna ‘I’m a fat pie’ Ranatunga

5. Banging plenty of chicks in his time, while NOT being single

However, Shan’o now gets +700 boytjie points for this absolute gem – Warnie, via his mic, talks viewers through how he’ll bowl McCullum… with his next ball! Does he bowl him…? Does he!! BAM, f******g BHOR’SHAAAY:

I think he might be trying to shape to sweep one after that first one … so I’ll try and slide one in there … fast.”

Warnie loves sliding it in there, fast! And as you can see, Liz Hurley is giggling away as she know’s she’s gonna get some proper post match sliding. Watta legend, watta boytjie..!

The Banter Boys

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