Goalkeeper Fly-kicks Pitch Invader

So, what happens:

An Ajax supporter runs onto the field to attack the AZ goalkeeper Esteban – that’s +10 boytjie points for a sic first name…

EsteBARN then responds by taking the law into his own hands – jokes, his own legs – and fly-kicks this clown to the ground before stewards could intervene and take control.

It didn’t end with a fly-kick… No no no no, EsteBARN then carried on and kicked the sh1t outta this stoopid fan while he lay like an idiot on the ground! Kick’em while they down!!!

Consequences: EsteBARN gets sent off! Whaaat! That’s an immediate -100 boytjie points to the ref for not allowing EsteBARN to set a worthy example..!

-200 boytjie points to the Ajax fan who decided to try and be clever but ending up looking like a complete Jimmy!

And +150 boytjie points to EsteBARN for now claiming the nick-name of ‘Kung Fu Keeper’.

The Banter Boys

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