Kate Upton – Bhoorshay vs. Gay test 2012

Seeing all the, well lets say interesting, hair cuts and Ed Hardy gear the JHB okes wear when they come down to CT in the Dec break, we thought we’d help the lot of them descern their sexual preference once and for all.

Introducing (Drum Roll)…. Kate Upton:

Hello, boys.

Stay with us now…

Ok, you’re back.  +100 Boytjie points (If you never left to do some “Googling” then – 250 Boytjie Points)

Now take the Bhoorsshay vs Gay test.

This runs on a pass or fail system: If you can keep eye contact with Kate in the below clip for more than 10 seconds. You fail.

Aaaand, we’ve got news for you.

And your parents.

And your girlfriend.

And your best mate who you shower next to at the gym.

Here’s the test:

For R10 million we couldn’t tell you what colour her eyes are.

Or if she even has eyes.

– The Banter Boys

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One thought on “Kate Upton – Bhoorshay vs. Gay test 2012

  1. […] you’ve browsed the images below (if you haven’t, you definitely failed this test), and now you know why her nickname is […]

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