Banter Belter Of The Week – Alice ‘Rack’ Goodwin

So, you’ve browsed the images below (if you haven’t, you definitely failed this test), and now you know why her nickname is ‘Rack’.

FYI: She had a boob job in 2009 lifting her boobies from 32F to 32FFthat’s +150 boytjie points for having her priorities in check.

This phenomenal belter is training to become a teacher (we doubt she’ll ever have to shout ‘focus please’) – see how her training is going in the vid below.

If that isn’t enough, ‘Rack’ was voted ‘World’s Best Body’ last year, by some bhor’shaay publication – yup, you better see the vid of that below, too.

Hang on, ‘World’s Best Body’ – that’s an immediate +300 boytjie points right there!

These vids will blow your mind…!

Enjoy, and again, thank us later:

Alice Goodwin

Hand-bra... Nothing better, fact

Alice Goodwin

We'll watch you read, all day...

Alice Goodwin

Periodic Table of... Sex. Yes please

Alice Goodwin

Belter. Teacher. Naked. Perfection

The Banter Boys
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