Nalbandian and Baghdatis go Ballistic, Between them Smash 6 Raquets at Aussie Open

Oke’s were bleak on the 3rd day of this year’s Australian Open.

These oke’s are giant killer David Nalbandian and wannabe crowd favourite Marcos Baghdatis.

We’d also throw our toys around if we were dick’t out of a win by a bread umpire, as Nalbandian was – the oke wants to review the call by the umpire and he gets blocked –

So, he goes BAAAA….LLISTIC when he eventually loses.

+200 boytjie points for not giving a f**k – proper raquet smashing!

Sho, if you thought Nalbandin was aggressive, watch the Cypriot goodie goodie turned bad boy smash 4, that’s FOUR, racquets during an extraordinary bhortchaay outburst at a change of ends – bloody BHOOORSHAY!!

+400 boytjie points for getting the loudest cheer so far at this year’s Aussie Open.

Oh, Isner also smashed a raquet during his match with Nalbandian: -50 boytjie points for only smashing 1 raquet, wannabe.

The Banter Boys

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