Chinese Soldiers and their live grenade trick

The People’s Liberation Army is no laughing matter. They’re the buggers protecting China and they’re not to be tested.

Well…that’s what we thought before watching this video. When you first watch, you’ll probably think to yourself: “Shit, these bhorshays are chucking around a live grenade like a rugby ball at a casual 7s game with mates!”

But then you watch it again…and you see the live grenade drop to the ground…and it doesn’t explode where it’s been dropped. They taking us for fools. Come now China, play nice!

+500 boytjie points to the PLA for getting their soldiers to pass around explosives like they’re potatos.

-1000 boytjie points for lying to us and making us think they’re boytjies when instead, they’re just a bunch of clowns.

The Banter Boys

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