Super Bowl Fun. Finally!

Every so often we find a guy named Jimmy who isn’t really a Jimmy…It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s worth mentioning.

After watching this stunt, JIMMY KIMMEL is no jimmy…in fact, he’s a bit of a BHORSHAY.

As we all know, Americans love that stupid sport we like to call “Women’s Rugby” (which they call American Football, we believe) and the Super Bowl is the game of all games in that sport. Now ol’ bhorshay Kimmel decided that it would be a laugh if he got people to unplug the game while their family and friends were watching….at a crucial moment.

The results speak for themselves….Priceless BHORSHAY moment

+200 boytjie points to JIMMY KIMMEL for not being a jimmy and for getting his viewers to well, be jimmys

+50 boytjie points to the viewers that pissed off their family and friends by turning off something which they probably shouldn’t have been watching anyway!

The Banter Boys

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