Only in America. A “sport” involving a tazer

According to their website, this is the “future of sport”. If it is, then the world needs to end. Right now.

When we first saw the “promo” for this “sport”, we thought it was a clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos. But we were wrong. Very wrong. A comment under the Youtube video really says it all:  “Everytime you think human stupidity has reach its limit, USA comes with a new reality show and proves you wrong.”

Don’t try this at home kids. Or anyone. Anywhere. Ever. Unless you want to lose serious boytjie points.

– 1000 boytjie points to whoever invented this stupid “sport” and thought it a good idea to tell people about it.

– 500 boytjie points to anyone who thinks that it would be “cool” to try this “sport” out.

The Banter Boys


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