Aussie Clowns. Segway style.

Let’s be fair, in recent years Aussie sportsmen have been right up there as pretty much the best in the world…in most sports. In recent times however, they’ve turned to shit. Pure and simple.

Seems like even the Aussie cameramen want to get in on the act..and prove their worth. Or lack thereof. Take Joe, the Aussie cameraman for example, who goes in for a decent tumble on that weird two-wheeler contraption while shooting the Aussie cricket team practice during the Boxing Day Test match.

Now Joe was a bit unlucky there, to be fair. Cricket helmets are defos no mate of the Segway, thats for sure. But try out this clown, Aussie cricket “Legend” Ian Healy

Ol’ Heals tries to take the mickey out of Joe the cameraman and ends up looks like a toss (1min20)

+50 boytjie points to Joe for laughing at himself and coming out looking like a BOSS.

-200 boytjie points to Heals for trying to take the mickey and ending up just looking like a JIMMY.

-100 boytjie points to Heals again…for telling one of the Banter Boys to F*&K off when he was just a lightie (Banter Boys don’t forget JIMMYS)

The Banter Boys

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