Bhorshay of… Chess: Magnus Carlsen

This phenom of a chess player thinks it’s cool to play 10 jimmy’s simultaneously without looking at the boards – beating them hands down. Well it aint cool, it’s fukkin cool.

The Mighty Majestic Magnus, who digs to make his opponents squirm like biatches, became the youngest ever no.1 player on the planet, at 19 – that’s litch young, and litch boytjie.

Only this cool cat would cross paths with the King of Kings, Gary Kasparov – and when he did, at age 13, he drew with the undisputed greatest chess champ – Gazza subsequently told him to jog on. Just watch the below clip.

Only one man stands tall as the standard-bearer of chess, as he consistently whips the capacity crowds into a cataclysmic frenzy (nodding approval and minor claps) with his genius.

His ELO rating of 2843 is the second highest in history, with Gazza having the highest. If you don’t know this chess jargon – that’s -25 boytjie points for you…!

The Chess universe is owned by Magnus, and for that he gets +250 boytjie points.

The Banter Boys

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