Djokovic Obliterates Racquet!

“Code violation, racquet abuse” is an understatement.

Novak has had some good past practice at racquet smashing, but this outburst took it to the next level.

Novak took some learnings from his failed anti-boytjie Wimbledon racquet smash attempt, and employed them perfectly at the Shanghai Masters final on Sunday night.

After being 40-0 up (if you can’t close from here, you’re a fag), at 5-5 in the first set, Novak loses the next 5 points and let’s us all know how he feels about that – check at 23 seconds.

Using perfect technique, a 3-bash mega-hit, and a follow up ‘why-not’ smash, leaves us with the most spectacular, viscous, and accomplished racquet smash we have ever seen, and +400 boytjie points for using this flare-up to save 5 match-points and win the title in smashing form:

Murray also has a go, see at 1:45. Negative 100 boytjie points for being the cock that is Andy Murray.

– The Banter Boys

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