Backyard cricket. For the lads!

Backyard cricket. Either you played it growing up or you preferred Barbies!

Nothing better than getting involved in the serious business of backyard cricket while the braai heats up and the bintys are making snacks/bitching about their partners in the kitchen. Oh and all while smashing a couple of cold ones in the process. Obviously.

Now credit to these Aussie kids (-500 boytjie points to us for giving Australia credit in any way) for putting together a clip of their version of backyard cricket, complete with commentary, hawk eye, action replays, hotspot etc. These okes have done a job and deserve some acknowledgement from us. Otherwise how will okes know!?

+1000 boytjie points to these Aussie LADS for putting together this SIK clip.

-500 boytjie points to the Umpire for a poor call at 3mins. Definitely going down leg.

The Banter Boys

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