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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or spend your weekends playing scrabble and shaving your legs, here are a few names you may recognise: Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Kelly Hall, Sophie Howard and Danni Wells.


Now ask yourself, what’s better than all these absolute BELTERS jumping around in bikini’s?


Bang. Bang. BANG! If that doesn’t get your Glock firing, you might want to sit your parents down and share the news.

Reminds me of the 2012 Banter Boys Christmas Party!

The “Suns out. Guns out” phrase has NEVER been more applicable.

+1500 Boytjie points for the “lubrication by Shell” signage @ 2:11

– The Banter Boys 

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Gal Gadot. Banter Belter of the Week

Introducing Israeli belter, Gal Gadot. It’s a pleasure lads.

And if this video of her messing around in her underwear doesn’t make you appreciate what we’ve just introduced to you, then JOG ON. Seriously.

+150 boytjie points to Gal. And thank you.

– The Banter Boys

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The Banter Boys are back in the game. And Rachel.

A lot has gone down since our last post and bottom line, okes aren’t happy with our absence. No banter equals no vibe and we can’t be having no vibe. Seriously. So fine, we’re back in the game.

And who better to welcome us back into the fold than two-time Banter Belter of the Week, Rachel (seen here having a drink in celebration of our return). Wayne Rooney’s stunt double behind her is also pretty stoked to have us back.

Rachel Hamlin

+5000 boytjie points to the Banter Boys fans for doing enough to get us back.

+100 boytjie points to Rachel for the above. Your support (and what you are “supporting” in the above) is inspiring.

-The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter of the week – Rachel Hamlin. Again.

After a little break from the internet due to the number of binty’s bearing stage 5 stalker tendencies kept showing up at Banter Boys Estate and Banter Boy 2 received some lingerie in the mail which looks like the thing could dissolve in water.  Seriously.  We’ve made the selfless decision to get back at it.

It’s a pleasure.

And the only fit way to kick today off is to refresh your memory with one of our more acclaimed Banter Belters, Rachel Hamlin.

We were going to interview Rachael again, but you work all day, why should we add anymore to your workload with having to read.

Also, she’s not wearing any clothes this time. +250 Boytjie Points, Rachel.

Thanks to Belter @stephanieB  for the pic, off her steamy blog.

– The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter of the week – Chantel Fouche VOTE VOTE VOTE

So, as pioneers of finding absolute belters, we’ve managed to track down and bring you a local girl,  SA Sport Illustrated New Model Search front-runner Chantal Fouche.

For the bhooorshay’s who love them some belters (And if you don’t, please leave this web page immediately. Seriously.) please click on the link HERE , scroll down and vote for Chantal so she beats the chic she’s up against hands down. The promise of topless photo’s has been thrown around should she win.

Voting closes 1pm today. Do it.

Not only is she an absolute belter, but she’s from J-bay, so you know if a fight breaks out she can “operate” her own half brick better than Jackie Chang!

Boobs and bricks. Hmm. Boobs.

– The Banter Boys

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Big “Personality” Lucy Pinder. Banter Belter of the Week.

It’s not uncommon for us to recieve emails from guy fans asking us to rate their girlfriends…basically, to tell them whether their chick is a BINT or BREAD. And fair enough….as the Banter Boys, we know BELTER when we see one. Just Google “Banter Belter” or search through our past Banter Belters (bottom of the homepage) to remind yourself that WE KNOW BELTERS.

Try our offering for this week…Miss Lucy Pinder. In the bath, on the left. Next to fellow Belters, @frayerjaye and @Rhianmarie

Rhian Sugden and Lucy Pinder

Cleaning up: +100 boytjie points

Basically, she’s a belting British bird with seriously big lungs. It’s probably worth checking out a video entitled “Lucy Pinder, Stripping” then…if you’re at work, don’t stress. It’s an ad for Lynx so if your boss catches you, just tell them you’re watching an advert. And to chill!

+200 boytjie points to Lynx for making Lucy sweat

+100 boytjie points to Lucy herself, for this

The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter Of The Week – Alice ‘Rack’ Goodwin

So, you’ve browsed the images below (if you haven’t, you definitely failed this test), and now you know why her nickname is ‘Rack’.

FYI: She had a boob job in 2009 lifting her boobies from 32F to 32FFthat’s +150 boytjie points for having her priorities in check.

This phenomenal belter is training to become a teacher (we doubt she’ll ever have to shout ‘focus please’) – see how her training is going in the vid below.

If that isn’t enough, ‘Rack’ was voted ‘World’s Best Body’ last year, by some bhor’shaay publication – yup, you better see the vid of that below, too.

Hang on, ‘World’s Best Body’ – that’s an immediate +300 boytjie points right there!

These vids will blow your mind…!

Enjoy, and again, thank us later:

Alice Goodwin

Hand-bra... Nothing better, fact

Alice Goodwin

We'll watch you read, all day...

Alice Goodwin

Periodic Table of... Sex. Yes please

Alice Goodwin

Belter. Teacher. Naked. Perfection

The Banter Boys
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Kate Upton – Bhoorshay vs. Gay test 2012

Seeing all the, well lets say interesting, hair cuts and Ed Hardy gear the JHB okes wear when they come down to CT in the Dec break, we thought we’d help the lot of them descern their sexual preference once and for all.

Introducing (Drum Roll)…. Kate Upton:

Hello, boys.

Stay with us now…

Ok, you’re back.  +100 Boytjie points (If you never left to do some “Googling” then – 250 Boytjie Points)

Now take the Bhoorsshay vs Gay test.

This runs on a pass or fail system: If you can keep eye contact with Kate in the below clip for more than 10 seconds. You fail.

Aaaand, we’ve got news for you.

And your parents.

And your girlfriend.

And your best mate who you shower next to at the gym.

Here’s the test:

For R10 million we couldn’t tell you what colour her eyes are.

Or if she even has eyes.

– The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter of the Week. Christmas Flipbook Hottie, Melanie Iglesias

With Sunday being Christmas day, where Santa decides if you’ve been a good boy/girl or not, all the Banter Boys were hoping for, is well, Melanie Inglesias in a new Flipbook clip.

After requesting this yesterday evening, she drove straight to the Studio and for all our viewing pleasure, sent us this:


Besides being a clip we could watch for hours, it also gives the ladies some inside into what all Lads want for Xmas. A Belter in Lingerie, in a box.


It’s a pleasure, ladies.

+100 boytjie points to any BHORSHAY who’s hooking up with a bird who will kit herself out in this kinda gear.

An extra +50 boytjie points to the BHORSHAY who sends photographic evidence! (Possible future Banter Belter of the Week material…)

The Banter Boys

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Larissa Riquelme – Banter Belter Of The Week

Larissa Riquelme is Paraguay’s number one fan, and another way for TV cameramen to get their eye in.

She was the most famous fan at the 2010 Football World Cup. We just see her as simply an outrageous belter.

Riquelme first busted out on the scene thanks to where she kept her cell phone – let’s just say if re-incarnation exists, the Banter Boys would like to come back as that cell phone. That cell phone,  right there. Nom Nom Nom Nom…

Larissa Riquelme

Great focus... by the cameraman!

Larissa Riquelme

Got some good rack there...

Larissa Riquelme

Yup, we know that position all right...!

Larissa Riquelme

Natural progression - paid to be a belter

Larissa Riquelme

Pity about the crop...












Now’s she’s also famous for sluttin’ it up on random Paraguayan dance shows – fast forward the first 30 seconds, as then it gets stea’my:

+500 boytjie points for putting Paraguay on the map, finally…

The Banter Boys

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