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Ferrari’s Sic New Museum

The museum is comprised of two buildings: Enzo Ferrari’s former house and workshop, now housing a 40 meter long gallery… boring!  And a brand new over-sized bonnet, curving itself around the other one – now we talking..!

+100 boytjie points for the sculpted yellow aluminium roof with its ten incisions – that’s 10 boytjie points per air intake vent, cause that’s what they are… These allow for natural ventilation and day lighting. We dig them because they just look bad’ass!

+300 boytjie points for Ferrari, for just being boytjie… Oke’s can learn from these players…!

Ferrari museum

Ferrari museum

Ferrari museum

However, a Ferrari museum, and no red… -95 boytjie points!

– The Banter Boys

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Russian Street Racing – Underground Lambo’s vs. Nissan GT-R

The Russian’s do it properly… Well, they have to with this guy watching their every move..!

And these Russian bhorshaay’s certainly know how to street race, at night.

Take a Lamborghini Gallardo Nera UGR Race version E-gear, and pit it against a AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R.

Both these cars put out a mind-blowing 1500 HP. You want perspective..? The best Ferrari Enzo pushes out a max of 850 HP.

You want more perspective…? Let’s do a 60-130mph comparison: AMS Alpha 12 GT-R – 3.31 seconds. Bugatti Veyron – 5.6 seconds. Umm, ja…!

To understand this power – you need to watch this vid:

+75 boytjie points to the Lambo driver for owning the roads, breaking both Lambo’s, AND making mince meat out of the AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R.

And another +25 boytjie points for not giving a shit about the Belarus family car driver and thrashing it past him at over 300km/h – see at 1.50sec.

And for this: -101 boytjie points to this Jimmy for not looking in his blind spot.

[The second race are the same two cars, except the Lambo is a manual, just saying…].

The Banter Boys

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The Stig Getting Chicks Naked

Well, not exactly The Stig, but his younger, more boytjie cousin maybe…

This doesn’t take away from the fact that this oke is a seriaaas BOITCH for purposely unbuttoning this belter during a sic drift in a Toyota Supra.

We’re not sure what this belter was screaming, or doing with her mouth… Maybe practicing for later…!

+50 boytjie points for using speed to get chicks naked – BHORSHAY!

The Banter Boys

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Red Bull F1 Show Car Kills it at 18,000ft – The World’s Highest Driveable Road

Swiss boytjie Neel Jani turns in the latest in a series of sic’as Red Bull Racing F1 show car runs, this time slammin it at over 18,000 feet up on the Khardung Pass in northern India’s Kashmir state, the world’s highest motorable road.

+50 boytjie points to Red Bull for setting the world record for the highest run by a Formula 1 car at 18,380 feet.

The Banter Boys

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Boytjie speed boating!

Orange car that’s not a Lamborghini -20 Boytjie Points

Orange car that’s also a speedboat +20 Boytjie Points

Rolling with 4 bikini clad belters in the back  +100 Boytjie Points (2:22mins in)

Only thing this oke could have done better is rock a pair of yellow sunglasses.

– The Banter Boys

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#WantAnR8 – Yes please!

Who says that brands don’t listen to you when you tweet?

How’s this for a proper boitch story – some American bird tweets that she’d dig to have an Audi R8 for the day. All a bit of fun really.

Until an R8 rocks up in her driveway! A prize in itself…but it doesn’t end there – guess who’s staring at it driving it for the day? The bird who sent out a simple tweet!

A well deserved +50 boytjie points to the Audi crew for acknowledging a fan and +100 boytjie points to the legends that designed this beautiful piece of machinery – the Audi R8.

The Banter Boys

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Glow In The Dark Rims On BMW 7 Series

So, you’ve seen the sic LED fitted surfboard, which is boitch to the max…!

Now – check out these glow in the dark rims on this BMW 7 Series – rate he owns the road at night…!

Illegal..? We say 10 boytjie points!

The Banter Boys

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Enzo crashes into ocean

Check out this clown, Zahir Rana, who crashed his Enzo into the ocean at Targa Newfoundland Rally 2011.

I mean, he drives an Enzo and can’t even correct a slide – Jimmy status confirmed…

– The Banter Boys

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Good Reasons from Honda

Dishing out a massive 20 boytjie points to the bhorshays who put this vibe together.

The Banter Boys approve of this clever tactic.  Click here or on the pic below to find out what we’re on about!

Good Reasons from Honda

Very smart way of telling the bhorshays why Honda is cool

– The Banter Boys

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