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Tupac Hologram vs Snoop Dogg – Full Performance at Coachella 2012

Tupac. Absolute Bhorshay.

Tupac alive and performing? Almost.

Check his hologram on stage at Coachella 2012 here:

At 2mins 39sec when Snoop steps on stage. Ya, that’s the stuff!

+ 1000 Boytjie Points to the guys who made this happen.

– The Banter Boys

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Drumming 101. Not for clowns!

As a Banter Boy RULE OF THUMB, a drummer is BOITCH. Bottom Line.

This kid, however, is a drummer…and is most certainly not BOICH. Not one bit.

First of all, he decides to steal the show with a very average (and totally impromptu) drum solo. Then he…Oh, just watch the clip. The laughs start in a big way from 1min08secs.

+200 boytjie points to Karma. Show-off drummer. Yeh, he showed off alright!

-100 boytjie points to this clown who’s reputation went down faster than a High School slag in the boys toilets.

The Banter Boys

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Sik’as beats to welcome in 2012

What better way to welcome in 2012 than with some SIK’AS beats.

2011 brought us some awesome tracks to get messy with: +50 boytjie points to those that cracked this list:

Taio Cruz – Hangover, LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem, Adele – Rolling in the deep, David Guetta feat. Usher – Without you, David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium, Snoop Dog – Sweat, Bruno Mars – Grenade, Avicii – Levels, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris – We found Love, Jennifer Lopez – On the floor, Swedish House Mafia – Miami 2 Ibiza, Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette – Hello, Aura Dione – Geronimo, Sak Noel – Loca People, DJ Antoine – Welcome to St. Tropez, Britney Spears – Till the world ends, LMFAO – Sexy and I know it, Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger, David Guetta feat. Flo Rida – Where dem Girls at, Jason Derulo – Don’t wanna go home, Enrique Iglesias – Tonight, Pitbull feat. Neyo – Give me everything (tonight), Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat, Mono & Nikitaman – Dezibel, Black Eyed Peas – Just can’t get enough, Rihanna – S&M, Foster the People – Pumped up kicks, Coldplay – Paradise, Lady Gaga – Judas

Now imagine mashing up all these beats into ONE KILLER REMIX.

No need to imagine. The bhorshays of Mashup-Germany have done the deed. +500 boytie points for the effort. Well out!

The Banter Boys

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‘Pumped Up Kicks’ Dubstep Boyshaay Does It In China

Remember this checked shirt bhor’shaay owning ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ with his unbelieveable dance moves..!

Yeah you do..!

Now – this same bhor’shaay – kills it with his new-and-improved jammin’ moves at the Great Wall of China, this time wearing a checked hoodie – my man!!

+125 boytjie points for showing us some of the sic’est moves on the interwebs. This oke’s got some seriaaas shapes!

And another +5 boytjie points for wearing a checked hoodie. Oh’yeaaah!

As you know: chicks dig checked hoodie’s. (You’re a chick and you don’t? – well, let us rephrase that then)

Hot chicks dig checked hoodie’s!

The Banter Boys

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Party Rockers in THIS house tonight. Sik’as clip

With Halloween happening on Monday, we thought we’d give you a heads up on this SIK’AS way to get into the vibe for the big day. Some people dress up for the holiday, the kids trick or treat..not this family..oh no…they’re going ALL OUT for this one…

Party Rockers are DEFINITELY in this house tonight. WELL OUT BHORSHAYS +100 boytjie points to whoevers behind those doors!

The Banter Boys

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Shooting Coldplay in SA. Oh yes!

Don’t ever accuse the Banter Boys of not bringing you the freshest content. Look out for this on 2oceansvibe in 2 days time!

The brand new Coldplay music video for Paradise…ABSOLUTELY EPIC in itself…but made that much more BHORSHAY by the fact that they shot the majority of it in South Africa. Yes please!

+200 boytjie points to Coldplay for this Sik’as video

+100 boytjie points to whoever decided that this video needed the beauty of South Africa to add some boytjie’ness to it.

The Banter Boys

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Want to see Coldplay live?

If the awarding of boytjie points had to be accompanied by sound, it would no doubt be a Coldplay tune. Just imagine that…getting told that you have been awarded boytjie points and having Viva la Vida playing in the background. Orgasmic, quite possibly.

If you don’t agree that Coldplay are serious BHORSHAYS and deserving of +100 boytjie points on  reputation alone, then please don’t visit Banter Boys again. You are not wanted here. Oh..and -500 boytjie points for you (very difficult to come back from that set back)

If you dig these boytjies as much as we do, you’ll know that today is a culmination of a lot of waiting….tonight Coldplay rocks Cape Town (JHB in a couple days, don’t panic boytjies up north) and the Banter Boys are in a festive mood!

If you work at a company that doesn’t mind you downloading a 1h25min clip or you’re at home with a super slick ADSL connection then watch this as preparation for tonight’s concert…Coldplay gig at Rock in Rio at the beginning of this month. +150 boytjie points to the Coldplay BHORSHAYS for this mental performance

If you aren’t watching Coldplay live, -50 boytjie points

If you are, no boytjie points awarded….we aren’t rewarding you for doing the obvious!


The Banter Boys

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If this doesn’t get your Tuesday off to a top start – Well then, there’s something wrong with you!

Top tune, okes rocking high tops and has siiiiick moves.  +25 Boytjie points

Plus, we’ll give him another 5 for the checked shirt.

Chicks dig checked shirts. (You’re a chick and you don’t? – Well, let me rephrase that then)

Hot chicks dig checked shirts.

– The Banter Boys

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David Guetta coming to Cape Town

Daveeed Guetta is going to drop some seriaaaas beats in CT on October 14 and JHB on the 15th.

Watch this to get you amped, if you’re not already…!

The Banter Boys

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These lads know how to make a music video – OK Go

1st they did a little treadmill shuffling, (before LMFAO took the shuffle world wiiide!) and to this day they’re still entertaining us with their music video’s.

Songs a bit gay, but +10 boytjie points for the guitar-glass xylophone part, and another 10 for smashing a TV with a sledgehammer. Always wanted to do that shit.  Smashing a TV looks awesome.

– The Banter boys

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