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Senator John McCain Plays Poker While Colleagues Discuss Bombing Syria

Apparently deciding on going to war was not entertaining enough for John McCain today.

Yep. Senator Jimmy McClayFace, during the hearing on one of the biggest questions Congress has faced in recent memory, was caught playing poker.

Hi-5 to you John… Oh wait, that’s impossible as you can’t lift your arms all the way above your head because of a previous war injury – woops, our bad!


No need to show us your cards Jaaaaan – we already know you’re a first class loser.

+650 boytjie points to photographer Melina Mara for capturing this royal flush of a clown.

-1000 boytjie points to McCain for not letting the circus know he was working at the Senate hearing today.

Hi-5 John. Hi-5.

The Banter Boys

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Tree Huggers. Typical

Not many days go by without us being asked how to pick up Belters. It’s a Skill. An Art. Something you have or you don’t.

Tell that to the tree in this clip though – pretty much stands there, minding his own business when this bird walks up and pulls some moves…Let’s not ignore the fact that she’s absolutely off her face. And if she isn’t, sorry to whoever has to wake up next to that nutter.

Tree Huggers…Typical!

+500 boytjie points to the tree. Good effort, son!

+200 boytjie points to the bird for giving us a laugh.

-300 boytjie points to the same bird for popping the bad pills and acting like a clown

+50 boytjie points to @BlitzMatt for finding this gem of a clip.

-51 boytjie points to @BlitzMatt for trying to trick people into thinking his blog is ours (spot the difference!)

The Banter Boys


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Aussie Clowns. Segway style.

Let’s be fair, in recent years Aussie sportsmen have been right up there as pretty much the best in the world…in most sports. In recent times however, they’ve turned to shit. Pure and simple.

Seems like even the Aussie cameramen want to get in on the act..and prove their worth. Or lack thereof. Take Joe, the Aussie cameraman for example, who goes in for a decent tumble on that weird two-wheeler contraption while shooting the Aussie cricket team practice during the Boxing Day Test match.

Now Joe was a bit unlucky there, to be fair. Cricket helmets are defos no mate of the Segway, thats for sure. But try out this clown, Aussie cricket “Legend” Ian Healy

Ol’ Heals tries to take the mickey out of Joe the cameraman and ends up looks like a toss (1min20)

+50 boytjie points to Joe for laughing at himself and coming out looking like a BOSS.

-200 boytjie points to Heals for trying to take the mickey and ending up just looking like a JIMMY.

-100 boytjie points to Heals again…for telling one of the Banter Boys to F*&K off when he was just a lightie (Banter Boys don’t forget JIMMYS)

The Banter Boys

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Jimmy Of The Week – Oke Tries to Jump Over Car, And…

It’s Oscars time, so we’re keen to hand out some… points:

-50 boytjie points for being a clown. Simple.

-75 boytjie points for being Jimmy of the Week. Fail.

-25 boytjie points for the gay star-jumps…

-50 boytjie points for being a wannabe Kobe Bryant.

-200 boytjie points to the driver for not driving faster and taking chances…!

+100 boytjie points for proving that white men can’t jump.

– The Banter Boys

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Only in America. A “sport” involving a tazer

According to their website, this is the “future of sport”. If it is, then the world needs to end. Right now.

When we first saw the “promo” for this “sport”, we thought it was a clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos. But we were wrong. Very wrong. A comment under the Youtube video really says it all:  “Everytime you think human stupidity has reach its limit, USA comes with a new reality show and proves you wrong.”

Don’t try this at home kids. Or anyone. Anywhere. Ever. Unless you want to lose serious boytjie points.

– 1000 boytjie points to whoever invented this stupid “sport” and thought it a good idea to tell people about it.

– 500 boytjie points to anyone who thinks that it would be “cool” to try this “sport” out.

The Banter Boys


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African Cup of Nations Circus

If you ever needed a reminder of why rugby is the sport of men and why soccer should be part of a circus act, just check this out…

It’s a JIMMY by the name of Ekanga from Equatorial Guinea (NAME and SHAME) who loses out on -500 boytjie points for this brainless act.

Broken up as follows: -200 boytjie points for faking an injury and a further -300 boytjie points for having a squiz to see who’s watching before attempting to win an Oscar.

Jimmy status. Confirmed.

The Banter Boys

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Chinese Soldiers and their live grenade trick

The People’s Liberation Army is no laughing matter. They’re the buggers protecting China and they’re not to be tested.

Well…that’s what we thought before watching this video. When you first watch, you’ll probably think to yourself: “Shit, these bhorshays are chucking around a live grenade like a rugby ball at a casual 7s game with mates!”

But then you watch it again…and you see the live grenade drop to the ground…and it doesn’t explode where it’s been dropped. They taking us for fools. Come now China, play nice!

+500 boytjie points to the PLA for getting their soldiers to pass around explosives like they’re potatos.

-1000 boytjie points for lying to us and making us think they’re boytjies when instead, they’re just a bunch of clowns.

The Banter Boys

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Goalkeeper Fly-kicks Pitch Invader

So, what happens:

An Ajax supporter runs onto the field to attack the AZ goalkeeper Esteban – that’s +10 boytjie points for a sic first name…

EsteBARN then responds by taking the law into his own hands – jokes, his own legs – and fly-kicks this clown to the ground before stewards could intervene and take control.

It didn’t end with a fly-kick… No no no no, EsteBARN then carried on and kicked the sh1t outta this stoopid fan while he lay like an idiot on the ground! Kick’em while they down!!!

Consequences: EsteBARN gets sent off! Whaaat! That’s an immediate -100 boytjie points to the ref for not allowing EsteBARN to set a worthy example..!

-200 boytjie points to the Ajax fan who decided to try and be clever but ending up looking like a complete Jimmy!

And +150 boytjie points to EsteBARN for now claiming the nick-name of ‘Kung Fu Keeper’.

The Banter Boys

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Best Fails of 2011

For all of you who thought you had a kak year, check out these clowns!

No doubt some of these okes will be in the running for the Darwin awards in the near future.

Some of the things these clowns get up to. Unreal.

+100 Boytjie Points to everyone in this clip for giving us a good laugh, at their expense.

– The Banter Boys

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Instant Boner Repellant. For the Lads!

It happens. We know. And it’s usually gonna happen when you’re least expecting it.

The phenomenon can be summarized into two simple words – Unintentional Boner (UB)

Here’s where these two mingers enter the fray. These two “in charge” birds have very generously put a video together which helps men around the world lose their UB as soon as the video is viewed. Seriously try this. It works!

The methodology is simple, just follow these steps when you get a UB:

1. Watch video (on phone, iPad or computer)

2. Lose your UB immediately.

500 boytjie points to these two slags for this filth.

200 boytjie points to these PIE EATERS again for making us chunder when we watched the video initially.

The Banter Boys

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