Backyard cricket. For the lads!

Backyard cricket. Either you played it growing up or you preferred Barbies!

Nothing better than getting involved in the serious business of backyard cricket while the braai heats up and the bintys are making snacks/bitching about their partners in the kitchen. Oh and all while smashing a couple of cold ones in the process. Obviously.

Now credit to these Aussie kids (-500 boytjie points to us for giving Australia credit in any way) for putting together a clip of their version of backyard cricket, complete with commentary, hawk eye, action replays, hotspot etc. These okes have done a job and deserve some acknowledgement from us. Otherwise how will okes know!?

+1000 boytjie points to these Aussie LADS for putting together this SIK clip.

-500 boytjie points to the Umpire for a poor call at 3mins. Definitely going down leg.

The Banter Boys

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The Banter Boys are back in the game. And Rachel.

A lot has gone down since our last post and bottom line, okes aren’t happy with our absence. No banter equals no vibe and we can’t be having no vibe. Seriously. So fine, we’re back in the game.

And who better to welcome us back into the fold than two-time Banter Belter of the Week, Rachel (seen here having a drink in celebration of our return). Wayne Rooney’s stunt double behind her is also pretty stoked to have us back.

Rachel Hamlin

+5000 boytjie points to the Banter Boys fans for doing enough to get us back.

+100 boytjie points to Rachel for the above. Your support (and what you are “supporting” in the above) is inspiring.

-The Banter Boys

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Kieron Pollard grabs some Boytjie points!

The lads in South Africa need no introduction to world-class fielding. From Jonty Rhodes to the current crop of fielders in the Protea’s side, we’ve got the fielding jol waxed.

Step up to the plate, Kieron Pollard. We know this boytjie can smash the ball with the best of them but now he’s gone and taken one of the best catches of all time. And against the Aussies for good measure!

+ 500 boytjie points for a solid jump and grab

+1000 boytjie points for doing it against the Aussies.

-500 boytjie points to the jimmy that added that immovable ad to the video which blocks our view slightly of this insane catch.

The Banter Boys 


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Djokovic Obliterates Racquet!

“Code violation, racquet abuse” is an understatement.

Novak has had some good past practice at racquet smashing, but this outburst took it to the next level.

Novak took some learnings from his failed anti-boytjie Wimbledon racquet smash attempt, and employed them perfectly at the Shanghai Masters final on Sunday night.

After being 40-0 up (if you can’t close from here, you’re a fag), at 5-5 in the first set, Novak loses the next 5 points and let’s us all know how he feels about that – check at 23 seconds.

Using perfect technique, a 3-bash mega-hit, and a follow up ‘why-not’ smash, leaves us with the most spectacular, viscous, and accomplished racquet smash we have ever seen, and +400 boytjie points for using this flare-up to save 5 match-points and win the title in smashing form:

Murray also has a go, see at 1:45. Negative 100 boytjie points for being the cock that is Andy Murray.

– The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter of the week – Rachel Hamlin. Again.

After a little break from the internet due to the number of binty’s bearing stage 5 stalker tendencies kept showing up at Banter Boys Estate and Banter Boy 2 received some lingerie in the mail which looks like the thing could dissolve in water.  Seriously.  We’ve made the selfless decision to get back at it.

It’s a pleasure.

And the only fit way to kick today off is to refresh your memory with one of our more acclaimed Banter Belters, Rachel Hamlin.

We were going to interview Rachael again, but you work all day, why should we add anymore to your workload with having to read.

Also, she’s not wearing any clothes this time. +250 Boytjie Points, Rachel.

Thanks to Belter @stephanieB  for the pic, off her steamy blog.

– The Banter Boys

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Bhorshay of… Chess: Magnus Carlsen

This phenom of a chess player thinks it’s cool to play 10 jimmy’s simultaneously without looking at the boards – beating them hands down. Well it aint cool, it’s fukkin cool.

The Mighty Majestic Magnus, who digs to make his opponents squirm like biatches, became the youngest ever no.1 player on the planet, at 19 – that’s litch young, and litch boytjie.

Only this cool cat would cross paths with the King of Kings, Gary Kasparov – and when he did, at age 13, he drew with the undisputed greatest chess champ – Gazza subsequently told him to jog on. Just watch the below clip.

Only one man stands tall as the standard-bearer of chess, as he consistently whips the capacity crowds into a cataclysmic frenzy (nodding approval and minor claps) with his genius.

His ELO rating of 2843 is the second highest in history, with Gazza having the highest. If you don’t know this chess jargon – that’s -25 boytjie points for you…!

The Chess universe is owned by Magnus, and for that he gets +250 boytjie points.

The Banter Boys

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Bus Driver Catches Falling 7-year-old, From 3rd Story

“Basically she was dancing and I was just praying that I would get there and that if she fell that I would catch her” … That’s what New York’s ultimate bus driver, Steven St. Bernard, thought to himself seconds before he was awarded 1000 boytjie points.

You caught her alright! Wadda boi, wadda boi…!


Keyla – she has no scratches or anything. Can you spell ‘lucky’…!

Steven St. Bernard – torn tendon in his hand. -50 boytjie points to Keyla for putting New York’s most famous bus driver out of action for a few weeks…!

– The Banter Boys

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Scotland. Land of the Brave. And Stupid apparently…

Nothing wrong with celebrating a win over the Aussies. NOTHING WRONG at all! Especially when you’re the Scottish Rugby team and you don’t win games very often.

Maybe the fact that Scotland don’t win all that often is the reason behind this classic “celebration FAIL”

Try this at home. If you’re a top class Jimmy.

+1000 boytjie points to the Scots for getting one over the Sheep Shaggers

-200 boytjie points to the two Jimmys who decided to add some claret to the celebrations!

The Banter Boys

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Insurance Claim. Yes please!

How’s this boytjie, Conor Daly?! Racing in the Monaco GP3 race this weekend, he gets involved in a little tussle with a fellow driver and ends up testing his car’s safety features!

Not often you see a crash this bad end with the driver walking off as if nothing had happened! Nice one Conor. Typical BHORSHAY stuff, really

+200 boytjie points to our man Daly.

+500 boytjie points to whoever put that car together. Spell “Saving an okes life!”

-1000 boytjie points to that toss driver who knocked ol’ Conor into the sky

The Banter Boys

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Kate Upton’s Sexy Dance – Guess what’s Bouncing…?

Youtube – “this video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines” – yeah it is…!

She can’t dance…

BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT…!?! Not us… And not if you’re a boytjie…!

If you’re a chick and watching this, don’t be a hater. But remember, I guarantee she is hotter than you by a factor of infinity.


+100 boytjie points to Kate for keeping ’em boobs bouncing…!!

The Banter Boys

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