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Touch down – De’Anthony ‘The Black Mamba’ Thomas

Now, we’ve never been a huge fan of girl’s rugby (American Football), but you have to admit this okes got a step and can run.

Our money says the cheerleaders gave him the nickname. Oh yeah.

+100 Boytjie points for being able to move that quick in lycra with a steel pot on your head.

– The Banter Boys 

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Super Bowl Fun. Finally!

Every so often we find a guy named Jimmy who isn’t really a Jimmy…It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s worth mentioning.

After watching this stunt, JIMMY KIMMEL is no jimmy…in fact, he’s a bit of a BHORSHAY.

As we all know, Americans love that stupid sport we like to call “Women’s Rugby” (which they call American Football, we believe) and the Super Bowl is the game of all games in that sport. Now ol’ bhorshay Kimmel decided that it would be a laugh if he got people to unplug the game while their family and friends were watching….at a crucial moment.

The results speak for themselves….Priceless BHORSHAY moment

+200 boytjie points to JIMMY KIMMEL for not being a jimmy and for getting his viewers to well, be jimmys

+50 boytjie points to the viewers that pissed off their family and friends by turning off something which they probably shouldn’t have been watching anyway!

The Banter Boys

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Jerome Simpson Flips. What a bhorshay!

We give Womens Rugby a.k.a American Football a lot of stick most of the time. Fair enough though, they stop every couple of seconds to powder their noses/girl talk and wear more padding than an 11yr olds bra.

But put that all a side for a couple of seconds as you watch this BHORSHAY score a touch down like no other. +100 boytjie points just for attempting this and an extra +50 boytjie points for the Olympic style landing. Love your work Jerome Simpson. Love it!

“Santa will not have a better landing tonight” – classic. And worthy of +5 boytjie points. Well done commentator.

The Banter Boys

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When American Football resembles rugby…for a few seconds

Easy to set this clip up for you bhorshays – Joe Adams catches the ball off a decent punt and then decides to take on the WHOLE opposition team.

While we have to acknowledge that Tennessee are pretty decent whiskey makers , its clear from this clip that they’re pretty shit tacklers!!!  This Adams bhorshay runs through literally the whole opposition team in the space of about 10seconds. Reminds us of when this kind of debauchery happened in a real sport – New Zealand vs Japan in the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

+100 boytjie points to Joe Adams for having big balls and letting them make decisions for him

The Banter Boys

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