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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or spend your weekends playing scrabble and shaving your legs, here are a few names you may recognise: Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Kelly Hall, Sophie Howard and Danni Wells.


Now ask yourself, what’s better than all these absolute BELTERS jumping around in bikini’s?


Bang. Bang. BANG! If that doesn’t get your Glock firing, you might want to sit your parents down and share the news.

Reminds me of the 2012 Banter Boys Christmas Party!

The “Suns out. Guns out” phrase has NEVER been more applicable.

+1500 Boytjie points for the “lubrication by Shell” signage @ 2:11

– The Banter Boys 

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Banter Belter of the week – Rachel Hamlin. Again.

After a little break from the internet due to the number of binty’s bearing stage 5 stalker tendencies kept showing up at Banter Boys Estate and Banter Boy 2 received some lingerie in the mail which looks like the thing could dissolve in water.  Seriously.  We’ve made the selfless decision to get back at it.

It’s a pleasure.

And the only fit way to kick today off is to refresh your memory with one of our more acclaimed Banter Belters, Rachel Hamlin.

We were going to interview Rachael again, but you work all day, why should we add anymore to your workload with having to read.

Also, she’s not wearing any clothes this time. +250 Boytjie Points, Rachel.

Thanks to Belter @stephanieB  for the pic, off her steamy blog.

– The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter of the week – Chantel Fouche VOTE VOTE VOTE

So, as pioneers of finding absolute belters, we’ve managed to track down and bring you a local girl,  SA Sport Illustrated New Model Search front-runner Chantal Fouche.

For the bhooorshay’s who love them some belters (And if you don’t, please leave this web page immediately. Seriously.) please click on the link HERE , scroll down and vote for Chantal so she beats the chic she’s up against hands down. The promise of topless photo’s has been thrown around should she win.

Voting closes 1pm today. Do it.

Not only is she an absolute belter, but she’s from J-bay, so you know if a fight breaks out she can “operate” her own half brick better than Jackie Chang!

Boobs and bricks. Hmm. Boobs.

– The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter of the Week – Jessica Jane Clement

Some of our previous Banter Belters have included; Miss America, a Spanish Halloween gift, and some local mooi’nes.

Now we’ve got some English awesome’ness, yeah we do – Jessica Jane Clement.

Some of you will know her from playing the attention distract’er from The Real Hustle. Other’s will know her from these bread Lynx commercials. Who cares…!

+100 boytjie points for hustling like a boss – she can hustle us, anytime…!

+25 boytjie points for making rose tattoos look hot…

-50 boytjie points to you if you haven’t already Google image-searched her.

Banter Belter

Too much...

Banter Belter

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom....!

Banter Belter

That is ..... Naaaaaice

Banter Belter

I'm a hustler baby...!

The Banter Boys

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Banter Belter – Yolandi Malherbe

Say HELLO to our latest Banter Belter, Yolandi Malherbe!

Before your brain switches off on sight of this BELTER in the pics below, here’s the summary:

(Not to worry ladies, we’ve had an outside fashion correspondant do the captions.)

– She’s Miss July for Playboy Magazine +100 Boytjie points

– A regular on the Good Hope FM Breakfast Show +25 Boytjie Points

– Has an amazing personality. Both of them +25 Boytjie Points

– An ass that could crack nuts +25 Boytjie Points

– Turned down Akon when he and David Guetta tried to spice her last month

– AND she posts some STEEEEEAMY pics on #FriskyFridays!

Find her on Twitter: @JuicyJemma

Stylish bangle and matching necklace.

Great casual use of the simple white vest. Just FAB.

Love the detailed accessories. Not to mention the ocean view.

– The Banter Boys

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