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Banter Boys. Back in the game #OkesMustKnow

5 September 2013.

A day that will live in infamy.

A day in which hundreds, nay thousands woke up to no Banter Boys post.

A day which sadly, extended for 17 months.

Vladimir after waking up to no Banter Boys...

Vladimir getting super emotional after waking up to no Banter Boys for over a month

Well BHORSHAYS AND BINTS, ugly cry no more – we’re back and things are going to get festive around here once again!

+0 boytjie points to us. Why give ourselves boytjie points when we have inifinity?

-1000 boytjie points if you’re questioning the above

– The Banter Boys

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The Banter Boys are back in the game. And Rachel.

A lot has gone down since our last post and bottom line, okes aren’t happy with our absence. No banter equals no vibe and we can’t be having no vibe. Seriously. So fine, we’re back in the game.

And who better to welcome us back into the fold than two-time Banter Belter of the Week, Rachel (seen here having a drink in celebration of our return). Wayne Rooney’s stunt double behind her is also pretty stoked to have us back.

Rachel Hamlin

+5000 boytjie points to the Banter Boys fans for doing enough to get us back.

+100 boytjie points to Rachel for the above. Your support (and what you are “supporting” in the above) is inspiring.

-The Banter Boys

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Instant Boner Repellant. For the Lads!

It happens. We know. And it’s usually gonna happen when you’re least expecting it.

The phenomenon can be summarized into two simple words – Unintentional Boner (UB)

Here’s where these two mingers enter the fray. These two “in charge” birds have very generously put a video together which helps men around the world lose their UB as soon as the video is viewed. Seriously try this. It works!

The methodology is simple, just follow these steps when you get a UB:

1. Watch video (on phone, iPad or computer)

2. Lose your UB immediately.

500 boytjie points to these two slags for this filth.

200 boytjie points to these PIE EATERS again for making us chunder when we watched the video initially.

The Banter Boys

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