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Ajax fans know how to jol.

Amsterdam. Enough said.

We cannot confirm or deny whether these Ajax fans are celebrating our blog return last week or an Ajax victory. Both are very plausible.

Semantics aside, these okes know how to jol. And jol hard. Just image what happens when they move on to the next drinking hole.

+50 boytjie points to whoever was in the crowd of this jol.

– The Banter Boys


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Halfway Header. Get in Norway!

In an attempt to spice up a pretty boring sport, Norwegian soccer player Jone Samuelsens decided that he would score a goal from the halfway line. But remembering that David Beckham had already performed this feat with his talented right foot back in ’96, Jones decided that, this time, he’d pop the ball in the goal… with his head.

-100 boytjie points to Samuelsen for having a surname as a first name

+200 boytjie points for bringing some real beauty to the “beautiful” game.

The Banter Boys

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African Cup of Nations Circus

If you ever needed a reminder of why rugby is the sport of men and why soccer should be part of a circus act, just check this out…

It’s a JIMMY by the name of Ekanga from Equatorial Guinea (NAME and SHAME) who loses out on -500 boytjie points for this brainless act.

Broken up as follows: -200 boytjie points for faking an injury and a further -300 boytjie points for having a squiz to see who’s watching before attempting to win an Oscar.

Jimmy status. Confirmed.

The Banter Boys

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