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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or spend your weekends playing scrabble and shaving your legs, here are a few names you may recognise: Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Kelly Hall, Sophie Howard and Danni Wells.


Now ask yourself, what’s better than all these absolute BELTERS jumping around in bikini’s?


Bang. Bang. BANG! If that doesn’t get your Glock firing, you might want to sit your parents down and share the news.

Reminds me of the 2012 Banter Boys Christmas Party!

The “Suns out. Guns out” phrase has NEVER been more applicable.

+1500 Boytjie points for the “lubrication by Shell” signage @ 2:11

– The Banter Boys 

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Big “Personality” Lucy Pinder. Banter Belter of the Week.

It’s not uncommon for us to recieve emails from guy fans asking us to rate their girlfriends…basically, to tell them whether their chick is a BINT or BREAD. And fair enough….as the Banter Boys, we know BELTER when we see one. Just Google “Banter Belter” or search through our past Banter Belters (bottom of the homepage) to remind yourself that WE KNOW BELTERS.

Try our offering for this week…Miss Lucy Pinder. In the bath, on the left. Next to fellow Belters, @frayerjaye and @Rhianmarie

Rhian Sugden and Lucy Pinder

Cleaning up: +100 boytjie points

Basically, she’s a belting British bird with seriously big lungs. It’s probably worth checking out a video entitled “Lucy Pinder, Stripping” then…if you’re at work, don’t stress. It’s an ad for Lynx so if your boss catches you, just tell them you’re watching an advert. And to chill!

+200 boytjie points to Lynx for making Lucy sweat

+100 boytjie points to Lucy herself, for this

The Banter Boys

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