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The Croatian Hugh Bladen. Unbelievable!

Hugh Bladen is a South African institution. Remind yourself by watching this, this and this.

And it goes without saying that his passion for the game and his UNBELIEVABLE commentary style is just so damn legendary that commentators from around the world will attempt to copy Blades as they try give their careers a boost. Seems like the Croatians have now decided to give it a go…

It’s no Blades but it’s kak funny…

+1000 boytjie points to Blades for setting an unbeatable example

+500 boytjie points to the Croatian commentators for being passionate about Sport.

– 490 boytjie points to the Croatian commentators for being this passionate about Soccer.

– The Banter Boys

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Nigel Owens. Like a BOSS

It’s no secret that the Banter Boys will take watching a rugby match over soccer any day of the week. We’ve mentioned it time and time again – soccer is becoming more of a joke by the day.

Step up Real Sport referee Nigel Owens, the only gay in the village (nickname reference: here) who decides to lay down the law to some Italian players who think they’re playing for Inter Milan rather than Treviso.

“I don’t think we’ve met before but I’m the referee on this field, not you. Stick to your job and I will do mine. If I hear you shouting for anything again, I’m going to be penalizing you. THIS IS NOT SOCCER. Is that clear?  Back you go and get on with the game”

+200 boytjie points to ol’ Nige for reminding this Italian clown how to behave when playing a real sport. Rugby is for BHORSHAYS, not clowns Mr Italy. Ciao!

The Banter Boys

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Shane Williams – Bhorshay of Note!

You wouldn’t believe it, but in February 1977 in a lab somewhere in Swansea, Welsh Scientists managed to genetically engineer and successfully create a try scoring machine.

This machine was given the name “Shane Williams”.

Who wants to touch me?

Now, at 5ft 7 and tipping the scales at 80kg, you’re wondering if Shane Williams is one of the best wingers in the world?

Yes. Most definitely.

2008 IRB International Player of the Year+125 Boytjie Points

Most Capped winger and record try scorer for Wales +100 Boytjie Points

Used his last touch of the ball in international rugby to score a try in overtime, against those siff Australians +500 Boytjie Points

Watch it here:


We’ll miss you Shane.

The Banter Boys

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Boytjie Venter’s Interview of the Century

This is Brendan Venter’s post-match interview from last year following Saracens’s defeat to Racing Metro, and it’s on another boytjie level…!

Post match interviews in any sport are, to our minds, pointless affairs.

These days all we get is captain and coaches mouthing bland mindless platitudes that give no insight into what the teams/individuals really think about proceedings – bread soundbites which are non-controversial and completely unrealistic.

Not this BHOR’SHAAY! This oke took the ERC and the interviewer for a complete p**s…!

Shall we give Venter 400 or 500 boytjie points…? We’re not sure, we’ll have to think about that one, think about it deeply.

Three cheers for Sireli Bobo. More like three cheers for our man Brendan Venter, and 500 boytjie points – bit of genius, bit of magic, and a whole lot of boytjie!

[The Back Story to this interview is that DOCTOR Venter (Yeh, you guessed it…Qualified Medical Doctor in your FACE!) had been getting into a bit of trouble about his previous interviews where he spoke his mind and criticized the match officials so he decided to start having a bit of fun in interviews and sticking it to the powers that be. Nice one Doc! ]

The Banter Boys

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LYNX – Rules to Rugby

Anything that relates to LYNX immediately starts with 5 boytjie points…!

We’ve added an extra 15 boytjie points for the ‘a player must not jump on top of the ruck’ scene…

– The banter Boys.

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