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Banter Boys. Back in the game #OkesMustKnow

5 September 2013.

A day that will live in infamy.

A day in which hundreds, nay thousands woke up to no Banter Boys post.

A day which sadly, extended for 17 months.

Vladimir after waking up to no Banter Boys...

Vladimir getting super emotional after waking up to no Banter Boys for over a month

Well BHORSHAYS AND BINTS, ugly cry no more – we’re back and things are going to get festive around here once again!

+0 boytjie points to us. Why give ourselves boytjie points when we have inifinity?

-1000 boytjie points if you’re questioning the above

– The Banter Boys

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Vladimir Putin – Playboy playmate, hells yeah!

Vlad has been catching kak about alleged vote-rigging after this month’s narrow winning of a majority in parliament. So, instead of just going out and killing everyone who didn’t vote for him, what does this bhoorshay do!?

Appoint a 27-year-old Playboy Playmate as an MP in parliament, that’s what.

Touche’ Mr Putin. +250 Boytjie Points

Introducing Maria Kozhevnikova.

Hello, boys.

Hmmm HMMMM,  he’s got our vote!!

Not only is Maria an absolute BELTER. She’s the daughter of a two-time Olympic Champion ice hockey player. There are also rumors of her and Vlad doing stuff together that would make ‘ol Bill Clinton jealous.

Oke is Unstoppable.

What you say!? ja, I thought so.

– The Banter Boys

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Step aside ladies, Vlad Putin – a real life Action Man!

Vladimir Putin.

No introduction needed… Ok, just a quick one:

This oke is PROPER!!

After being barred by the constitution from a 3rd consecutive term as president, this Ex KGB Boitch has just tuned that he will be standing for the presidency, again. (In your FACE constitution!)

With that said, hard not to agree (political agenda aside) that any oke who rolls like this, deserves to be the president of the world’s largest country:

Crossbow, on a rubber duck. Mutha'f*ker!!! +25 Boytjie points.

Navy SEALs wake up wishing they were this oke! +25 Boytjie points.

"Have some cake! Beech"

Reads Tigers bedtime stories. +25 Boytjie points.

If I worked for Old Spice I'd sleep with one eye open for copying his swag. Seriously.

They see me rolling. They haaaating.

Upside down ear muffs. Like a Boss. +25 Boytjie Points

His FB profile pic. +100 Boytjie Points.

What a Legend.

– The Banter Boys

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